Art of sitting

How to find the correct sitting posture at your desk

This page will show you the correct sitting postures to help ease and prevent back pain while you work. Correct sitting posture is not limited to a single position however, and in fact it’s healthier for your body and mind to switch postures and move about regularly throughout the day. Here are some examples of both good and poor postures.

Good postures

Good Posture Rules

Here are a few simple good posture rules to help you stay comfortable and healthy for longer

Make sure your back is supported

The inward curve of your lumbar spine should be supported by the back of the chair. You may need to use a lumbar cushion, or adjust your ergonomic chair to ensure your back maintains contact with the chair back.


Watch out for…

Incorrect slouching and perching. If you have to perch on the front of your seat or lean forward to use your computer, then try moving your chair closer to your desk.

Buying tips…

Some ergonomic chairs feature inflatable lumbar cushions, so user the pump to find your ideal level of support. Alternatively, you can use a separate lumbar cushion.

Choose a seat with a forward tilt of 5°-15°, as this will automatically set your hips higher than your knees, encouraging you into a more upright position.